An L-shaped conversion involves an L-shaped dormer window. Dormers are the roof windows which extend vertically from the slope of a roof. With L-shaped loft conversions, two dormers connect into a corner. One end of the dormer, usually the larger end is built into the main roof.

What is a l-shaped mansard?

It is very similar to a rear mansard conversion but with the added benefit of a lot more space. Not all properties that can have an l-shaped mansard. Often built on properties either under planning permission or on Victorian properties to match other surrounding L-shape mansards. The property will require a back addition. Often the kitchen and bathroom are located at the back of the property, allowing the mansard to extend over this area.


• An extra bedroom • A study • A separate bathroom • A nursery • An en-suite L-shape mansards are a fantastic use of space and if it is possible to carry out one on your property, we would always advise you to build one over a standard rear mansard. When converting the l-shape at the same time as the rear mansard the additional costs can be very reasonable.