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Infinitecture was founded by two experienced managers from a prominent architectural firm in the UK. With a track record of successfully completing more than 2000 projects spanning a fifteen-year career in the industry, they set out to create a groundbreaking system for revolutionizing the residential project landscape.

Recognizing the inherent sluggishness of traditional architectural processes, as well as their typically high fees, which can range from 7-10% of the build cost and often exclude Structural Engineering services, Infinitecture offers a game-changing alternative. Their comprehensive package, which includes engineering, is available at an incredibly competitive rate, approximately 2%.

Their innovative system is engineered to provide clients across the country with easy access to services that cover everything from strategic planning and local authority approvals to detailed structural designs. All of this is delivered at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional methods. To explore their offerings, simply reach out and communicate your project needs.



We've prepared this overview to enhance your understanding of the journey ahead with us!

What do you know about third party documents?

Party Wall Agreement

If you plan to construct anything within a 3-meter proximity of your shared property boundary or intend to utilize an existing party wall for structural purposes, it's essential to serve a party wall notice to the relevant neighbors. It's often a wise move to discuss such matters with your neighbors before seeking planning permission, as this can streamline the planning process.

Build Over Agreement

A build-over agreement becomes necessary when your construction project is planned within a 3-meter proximity of a public sewer. During the property survey conducted by Go Plans, we will make every effort to determine if your project falls within this 3-meter zone and can provide guidance if it's likely that a build-over agreement will be required.

Building Control

For both internal and external building projects, it's imperative to submit an application for building control. This application should be accompanied by your structural calculations and the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with building regulations. It's essential to wait until this application has undergone the requisite checks .